Vodka Martini | Martinez, San Francisco

Vodka Martini is a classic drink. Vodka Martini was very popular in the 60’s and 70’s . It has gained a new popularity in recent years with classy martini nightclubs and bars. The Vodka Martini is known as a sophisticated drink among traditional drinkers. The Vodka Martini has a unique history, and is often recognized as a drink of snobs. Vodka has recently become the preferred liquor for the martini. Historically, the martini was made with gin.

Some people debate over the amount of vermouth that should be added to the Vodka Martini, however it is a personal preference of dryness and taste. The other debate is whether the Vodka Martini should be shaken or stirred. The traditional Vodka Martini preparation is stirring in a separate glass. This enables the ice to not be cracked and water down the essence of Vodka Martini. However, some still enjoy their martini shaken as they say it adds a refined taste to the drink and evenly mixes the vodka and vermouth. When the Vodka Martini is shaken instead of stirred, some call it a Bradford Martini versus the James Bond stirred style.

The History of the Martini can be traced back to 1863. Legend has it that the Martini was developed in Martinez, San Francisco at a hotel called the Occidental. Named after the town of Martinez. The first Martini was made with the Italian vermouth named Martini and Rosso and gin. It was not until the 1950’s that the first use of vodka for a martini was recorded. The James Bond films contributed to the notoriety that the martini began to receive. In the James Bond films the martini was named the vespa martini . As the Bond series of movies began to be released Bond paved the way and began to term his martini as a Vodka Martini. In the latest James Bond movie, Bond changed from vodka back to gin.

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The martini faded in popularity in the 80’s . New exotic cocktails were being developed that took precedence over the traditional cocktail. It was not until the 90’s that the martini came back into popularity, as a result of the new martini recipes being developed utilizing fancy liqueurs, creams, juices and infused vodka to jazz up the flavor. These became known as specialty martinis, and the garnishes took on a new transformations ranging from olives, lemons, pickles, peppers, onions to herbs, capers, and tomatoes. The Vodka Martini has sustained its presence in society as a preferred drink for many, although it may be made with different drink recipes.

Many famous people that have made the Martini their signature drink. It is said that Winston Churchill would pour his martini in the direction where France was. Clark Gable used to play with the bottle of vermouth and let it run with the cork still in the bottle while mixing it all together. Ernest Hemingway liked the famous Montgomery martini, and Alfred Hitchcock liked his with gin and little vermouth.

The Vodka Martini is still very popular and will continue to be a refined elegant taste. The vodka martini will prevail through future generations as one of the favorite vodka drinks of choice.

Vodka Quote: Water is the only drink for a wise man. ~ Henry David Thoreau