Alternative Uses for Vodka

Many Uses for Vodka

You may think that vodka is only good for making tasty cocktails, getting a good buzz on, and indulging in its many flavors. However vodka has been around for ages, and it is certain that the innovative people in this world have found many other unique uses for the spirit. Some have been used since the day the first vodka beverage was produced, and others are new trends that have been developed by experimentation and accident. There are many alternate uses for vodka. You can use vodka in your everyday life for homeopathic cures, remedies, cleaning substances, and much more.

Here are a few of the alternative uses for vodka:

  • Vodka can be utilized to cure foot odor by applying it with a towel on the foot. This is the case, because it is odorless and seems to absorb the odor.
  • Vodka consists of water and alcohol mainly. Alcohol and water are in most cleaners. It can be used to clean eyewear, glass windows, surfaces, and mirrors. It is also reaps a streak free shine.
  • You can use the spirit to remove vomit stains. Although this may sound ironic, because it can very well cause someone to vomit. Just take the stain and treat with a cloth that contains some vodka on it and treat the stain. The vodka should and will penetrate the stain and remove the spot.
  • This alcohol can be utilized to sterilize. You can put it in a spray bottle combined with water and apply it to surfaces that may contain bacteria and such. Spray it in your shower, toilet, sinks, and countertops. In addition, you can use it to clean wounds, cuts, and scrapes that can become infected or use it to wash your hands.
  • It can be utilized to remove band aids without the pain associated with the action. Just simply dab a small amount on the area enough to dampen it and remove. It helps remove the adhesive that makes the bandages stick to the skin.
  • It can be used as a disinfectant for razors as well as postpone them rusting which results in clean and long lives of razors. Soak them in a dish or cup, and they will be all ready when you need.
  • It can be applied to hair by mixing with shampoo or being used separately. It promotes hair growth, removes toxins from the hair shaft, and leaves hair very clean.
  • You can use vodka as a mouthwash. You can improve the taste by adding cinnamon. Just swish and spit or swish and swallow.
  • The old wives remedy of putting whisky on the tooth or gums to provide relief from toothache and gum pain. Apply some on a Q-tip or put a dab on your finger and run where it hurts.
  • To relieve an earache put a few drops in a dropper, and let rest for a few seconds and then allow the ear drain. It works as an anesthetic to numb the pain and clean it out.
  • Vodka is great for blisters and cold sores as it helps to dry it out quicker and extract the toxins from them.

As you can see there is more than one use for the favorite spirit vodka. Anytime one of these situations arise, consider going to your stock of vodka in the cabinet instead of running out to the local store. It is beneficial to keep some around other than for the purpose of a good vodka cocktail.

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