Vodka Screwdriver Cocktail | U.S. Marines

The Vodka Screwdriver Cocktail has a very modern history. It can be traced back to the early 1950’s when a man was spotted stirring his concoction of orange juice and vodka with a screwdriver. Furthermore, there are legends surrounding gin and orange juice combinations stirred with screwdrivers by U.S. Marines back all the way to 1945. The Screwdriver Cocktail is very popular in today’s society with all types of genres of people. Screwdriver Cocktails are ordered at bars, fine restaurants, and made in the comfort of home. The popularity through the decades has not subsided over the Screwdriver Cocktail, and it is certain that the Screwdriver Cocktail will continue to be one of many classic cocktail favorites for future generations.

How To Make The Perfect Screwdriver Cocktail

Although this simple concoction only contains two ingredients, a good Screwdriver Cocktail can be distinguishable from one made without regards to the eloquence of taste preference and quality. First of all, the cheapest vodka will turn this refreshing drink into a bitter beverage. It will have an aftertaste that will kill the appeal of the drink. A medium grade vodka such as Smirnoff or Absolut will do better than something such as cheap Popov.

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Another important aspect to the Screwdriver Cocktail is using the right orange juice in it. Concentrated orange juices are horrible for Screwdrivers. Instead choose a popular orange juice brand that is made from 100% oranges, containing no preservatives, and is organic or natural. For a premium Screwdriver Cocktail try fresh squeezed OJ instead of store bought, and this will improve its overall taste. Another great tip for making the ultimate Screwdriver is to chill the vodka and the orange juice in a freezer before mixing the drink. This will add to a flavorful and refreshing taste. Also, serve the Screwdriver Cocktail in a high-ball glass and chilling the glass.

Traditional Screwdriver Cocktail Recipe
60ml (2 oz) vodka
150ml (5 oz) orange juice

First get a high ball glass and top it off with ice, and then add the vodka. Top it off with orange juice and stir. Then sip and indulge!

There have been many variations of the Screwdriver Cocktail. Bartenders get creative and more cocktails variations are created. Here are a few cocktails that originated from the original Screwdriver Cocktail:

  • Harvey Wallbanger – Screwdriver with Galliano drizzled on top.
  • Sloe Screw – Made with original ingredients and gin is added.
  • Fuzzy Screw – The traditional cocktail with peach schnapps added.
  • Hi-Fi – Instead of orange juice a carbonated orange beverage is substituted.
  • Poor Screwdriver – Drink aid from powder is substituted for OJ.
  • Anita Bryant – Substitutes apple juice for orange juice.
  • Seabreeze – Add cranberry juice.

If you are a big fan of orange juice and vodka and definitely want to get some vitamin C while adding in a little sunshine, then the Screwdriver Cocktail is for you. It is refreshing and perfectly blends with the vodka to create a simple drink that has become very popularly consumed. As a very simple drink, it must be made with care and all seriousness to obtain the perfect taste. Nor every Screwdriver Cocktail is the same, bartenders and their customers will vouch for this.

Vodka Quote: Time is never wasted when you’re wasted all the time. ~ Anonymous