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Russian Vodka has been around since the turn of the 17th century, however it has come along way since those days. Known as the mother of Vodka, Russia has always tried to keep and stake its claim on one of the world most embellished and indulged in spirits. Its hard to pinpoint which Russian Vodka was manufactured and advertised first, however the legend tells it like this:

  • Vodka origins in Russia can be traced all the way back to the 15th century being manufactured in a monastery in Moscow.
  • Vodka was first initiated and created for a medicinal for the sole purpose of treating ailments and disorders.
  • Vodka can be made out of anything that ferments naturally. This can be rye, wheat, grains, corn, molasses, potatoes, sugar beets, grapes and more.
  • Vodka in Russia was once called ” bread wine” before it derived the term vodka meaning “water” which is what part vodka is made from.
  • The tsar of Russia distinguished that 80 proofs was exactly the right content of alcohol in the ethanol derivative of the spirit.
  • Any vodka can be refined by diluting it with water.
  • Most legends trace the origins of vodka to Russia, although many other countries may argue this fact.
  • Russian vodka was used medicinally and in many traditions, celebrations, and in rituals.

Today there are numerous brands and types of Russian Vodka produced. Russian Vodka is powerful and it seems as thought the country that has introduced the spirit has done well over perfecting it in their own perspective. Here are a few different types of Russian Vodka that exist on the market today and that are sold throughout many countries besides that of origin:

  • Stolichnaya Vodka – Stolichnaya or Stoli abbreviated is a Russian vodka that is distributed and sold in more than 130 countries around the world. First established in 1901, and uses ingredients of wheat and rye. Stolichnaya vodka is one of the top selling mid-grade vodkas sold throughout the globe.
  • Smirnoff Vodka – Smirnoff vodka can be considered a Russian vodka although it is now American based and produced. No one can take away the accomplishment of this Russian vodka to first introduce the popular adorned spirit to the United States. Smirnoff Vodka ranks among the three top selling vodka brands in the world.
  • Rodnik Vodka – Rodnik vodka is not manufactured in the United States, however it is popular in Russia and renowned as one of the best selling Russian vodka brands there. Rodnik Vodka is exquisite in taste and as refined and clean flavored as a Russian vodka should e. Rodnik Vodka is offered at a reasonable price and bought and indulged in all occasions.
  • Other Russian Vodka brands – There are about hundreds of other popular Russian vodka brands sold in Russia, and even though they may be unknown worldwide. These Russian vodka brands are just as character building as American vodka brands. Russia prides itself on its manufacturing and perfection of purifying and distilling its vodka spirits. If you are ever in Russia remember to sharpen up on your Russian vodka drinking etiquette. You would not want to leave a bad impression for such a welcoming country.

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Vodka Quote: The first glass of vodka goes down like a post, the second like a falcon and the third like a little bird. ~ Russian Saying