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Vodka is a globally favored spirit. It is widely known for its unique consistency of no color, odor, or flavor. It can be mixed in cocktails or drank straight on the rocks or by shots. It is gaining even more notoriety with the introduction of fruity and unique flavored vodkas around the world. The newest trend among other popular organic foods and beverages is Organic Vodka. There are many new organic vodkas being introduced to the world, and with this comes a great amount of competition and people who are opting for the new organic vodka as opposed to the traditional types.

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Organic vodka is comprised, made, and derived of organic ingredients, in addition natural means of the distillation and purification process are used to assure and keep the spirit strictly organic. Organic vodka is taking the marketplace by storm, and people everywhere are becoming accustomed to having a natural green choice in their cocktails and alcoholic beverages.

Here are a few of the newest and most popular organic vodkas available to the organic and green fans out there:

  • Square One Organic Vodka – Square One Organic Vodka is a popular new organic vodka that consists of water and organic rye. It is made in Wyoming. They assure that their process of fermentation is organic It does not include chemicals, de-foaming agents, or GMO yeasts. The Square One Organic Vodka label says it is environmentally friendly and completely kosher.
  • Prairies Organic Vodka – Prairies Organic Vodka is certified by the USDA, and is free of chemical herbicides, pesticides, enzymes, and artificial fertilizers. It can be purchased in its recyclable glass bottle, and organic ink is used for print on their green labels. Prairies Organic Vodka is extraordinary because only a few organic vodkas have made the cut and been approved by the United States Department of Agriculture.
  • Tru Organic Spirits – This manufacturer of organic vodka has a selection of three different types of organic vodkas. You have Tru Straight, Tru Lemon, and Tru Vanilla. In addition, the bonus to purchasing this brand of vodka is that every time a bottle is purchased the company plants a tree.
  • Purus Vodka – Purus Vodka is actually an Italian organic vodka that is diluted with water from the Alps. The Purus Vodka label consist of no paper and are entirely green friendly with inks derived from soy and water adhesives. Purus Vodka also has a tree-planting scheme that plants trees when a certain amount of people have visited their site.
  • Vodka 14 – Vodka 14 is another certified by USDA vodka. Vodka 14 is made from spring water from the Rocky Mountains. They do not use GMOs, and their vodka is not made from grains and such that have been fertilized, contain pesticides, nitrates, and chemicals in any fashion. In addition, the Vodka 14 labeling and packaging is all organic and environmentally friendly.
  • Liquid Ice Vodka – Liquid Ice Vodka is derived and composed of all organic grains, and is put through the filtration and distillation process many times, in addition it is kosher and lava rock is used as the filtration process.
  • Ocean Vodka – Ocean Vodka is made from seawater from Hawaii. This is handcrafted organic vodka at it best, with the unique blends of rye and corn grains. The best part is the profit derived from the Ocean Vodka sales is donated to charitable organizations, and ocean conservation.

These are some different brands of organic vodkas that can make one feel at peace with purchasing, consuming, and investing as a community into a better tomorrow. These organic vodkas are available for purchase in the United States. Many organic vodkas are available at nightclubs and bars.

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Vodka Quote: Drinking the beer without vodka is simply to spend money. ~ Russian Proverb