GREY GOOSE VODKA – One of the Best Vodka Brands

Grey Goose Vodka was originally produced by Sidney Frank, a multi-billionaire, who sold off the Grey Goose Vodka label rights to Bermudian brand rum maker Bacardi for over 2 billion dollars. Grey Goose Vodka that has remained a top contender in the vodka market since its debut in 1997. It is a French vodka derived from French winter wheat, purified with spring water, and distilled within a column still. Grey Goose Vodka is manufactured in France at the commune of Cognac. It is one of the major leading selling brands of vodka in the world. Grey Goose Vodka is known for its frosty bottle and indifferent name .

Sidney Frank, the founder of Grey Goose Vodka, passed in 2006, but not before conquering the market with Jagermeister liquor and Grey Goose. The unique frosty bottle that Grey Goose is sold in, also consists of a cork instead of a screw on cap. This little trait makes it distinguishable from other brands of vodka. The Grey Goose Vodka premium brand of vodka is prominently sold in the United States, and comes in several of the trendy infused flavors such as vanilla, citrus, orange, pear, and blueberry.

Grey Goose Vodka is an exceptional premium brand of vodka founded on the principle that Americans want good tasting vodka and are willing to shell out extra expense for that taste. Sidney Frank targeted the United States with the vodka exactly for that sole purpose, and he was right once again. Grey Goose Vodka is incredibly popular off the shelf, in nightclubs, fine restaurants, and ordinary bars. With the backing of Sidney Frank spirits genius and the already popular Bacardi manufacturer, Grey Goose Vodka is destined for greatness.

Here are some of the reviews given to Grey Goose Vodka:

– Very quick elimination of any aftertaste

– Lively and expressive with a touch of mint flavor

– Smooth tasting vodka good for both drinking straight and mixing in cocktails

– Silky feel taste of hint of orange

– Very interesting flavorv

– Very pretty bottle tastes even better

– Stands apart from other vodkas because it is not harsh

– Great burst of flavor, clean, crisp, and elegantly smooth

– Grey Goose is the best vodka and is not overpriced

Grey Goose is fairly new to the United States, however the word and the name is out. At least 1 out of every 20 vodka drinkers chooses Grey Goose vodka as their favorite brand of vodka. It is well-worth the price for the exquisitely smooth taste and quality of the vodka in comparison to harsh textured vodkas that are cheaper to buy. This indeed proves the theory and motto that creator Sidney Frank swore by – Americans will pay more for premium vodka that is worth the money in quality.

Vodka Quote: I never drink water; that is the stuff that rusts pipes. ~ W. C. Fields