Vodka Gimlet | British Royal Navy Cocktail

The Vodka Gimlet has been around for ages. In America it is known as a less sophisticated drink with a big impression. Vodka Gimlet t is comprised of gin, and lime juice. It is both refreshing and enticing to all crowds, and in the bars it is highly requested for refined type customers. Vodka Gimlet origin can be traced to around the middle nineteenth century. Vodka Gimlet is perfect because it is not pungent, too weak, nor complicated to mix. Vodka Gimlet has a taste of bittersweet that appeals to people’s taste buds.

Vodka Gimlet was once referred to in its simplest form by the movie the Long Goodbye, the character states” a real Gimlet is ½ gin and ½ lime juice.” This statement clearly declares that the Vodka Gimlet is as simple as it gets. The history of the vodka Gimlet and its creation remains a bit unclear. All signs indicate the Gimlet has its origin in the British Royal Navy.

Around the late 1800’s, scurvy was taking a disease toll on the British Royal Navy crew. Due to the contents of Vitamin C lime juice contained, rations of lime juice were given to help the scurvy deficiency that was causing the outbreaks. The term “Limeys” were given to the British at this time. hen well into the 20th century the scurvy was still prevailing. Lime juice that was distributed amongst the British Royal Navy fleets and mixed it with rum to preserve its shelf life. The term Gimlet refers to the unique corkscrew used to make holes in barrels that the rations of lime juice were stored in.

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It is said that Sir Thomas Desmond Gimlette, British Royal Navy officer, used to encourage his crew to drink lime juice rations by adding a tad of gin. The Gimlet was named after him, and the popularity and novelty of the drink was born. Making it acceptable to drink as the alcohol was utilized as a preservative for the lime juice that fought off scurvy. In modern times, bartenders experimented with the Gimlet making them with gin and vodka. Rose’ Lime Juice was used instead of fresh limes. The Roses’s Lime Juice is sweeter and reduces the bitter taste of fresh limes. Vodka is less pungent than gin. The vodka Gimlet become the right combination for a refreshing

Traditional Vodka Gimlet Recipe Pour 1 1/2 oz Vodka into a glass 3/4 filled with ice Pour 1 oz Rose’s Lime Juice Cordial into the glass Stir

Simple, refined, and satisfying the Vodka Gimlet is extraordinarily. It will continue to be a timeless classic for cocktail drinkers to enjoy.

Vodka Quote: A glass for the vodka, for the beer a mug, and for the table, cheerful company. ~ Russian Proverb/Toast