Eristoff Vodka | Triple Distilled

New Triple Distilled and Charcoal Filtered ERISTOFF Vodka made with Original Recipe Created in 1806

One of Europe’s most popular spirits, ERISTOFF™, will be introduced in the United States by Bacardi USA. ERISTOFF will be available nationally in three varieties: ERISTOFF Original (80 proof), ERISTOFF Red (40 proof) and ERISTOFF Black (40 proof). Made from 100 percent pure grain, ERISTOFF is triple distilled using the original recipe created in 1806 by noble Prince Eristoff of present day Georgia. Adhering to the noblest traditions of vodka making, the liquid is filtered through hardwood charcoal to create an exceptionally pure, smooth spirit.

ERISTOFF bottle is symbolized by its iconic logo of the wolf howling at a crescent moon. The wolf’s image is a clue to the brand’s origins in the country of Georgia, once called the “Land of the Wolf.” ERISTOFF princes revered the animal for its physical and mystical power, an image that resonates with ERISTOFF party prowlers today.

ERISTOFF Original is an ideal selection for shot drinks and for sipping on the rocks. Its clean flavor complements a spectrum of traditional and non-traditional mixers and has inspired a dynamic collection of ERISTOFF signature cocktails as intriguing as the vodka’s heritage. Named for its bright red color and sweet taste of sloe berries, ERISTOFF Red has a fruity, raspberry aroma and robust flavor perfect for juice cocktails, like the ERISTOFF Red and Wild, mixed with pomegranate, and the ERISTOFF Howoo-Howoo, mixed with peach schnapps and cranberry.

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Dark, rich and ominous, ERISTOFF Black is a truly unique spirit named for its bold color and taste of wild berries. Perfectly suited for tonic and lemonade, ERISTOFF Black floats above sugar based mixers to create a dramatic, two-toned layering effect for spectacular cocktail presentations, like the ERISTOFF Black Night, mixed with Creme
de Casis and lemonade.

ERISTOFF is available at a suggested retail price of $13.99 for a 750 ml bottle, $16.99 for a 1 liter bottle and $23.99 for a 1.75 liter bottle.

ERISTOFF Vodka is the 2008 Gold Medal recipient of the International Spirits Challenge and has been awarded the Silver Medal three consecutive years beginning in 2007 from the International Wine & Spirit Competition.

For a true taste of the “Land of the Wolf,” the white-as-snow ERISTOFF Wolf Breeze is a cool and refreshing cocktail highlighted with blood-red currants:


1 part ERISTOFF™ Original Vodka
1 part white cranberry juice
1 part white grapefruit juice

Pour ERISTOFF vodka into a highball glass filled with cubed ice. Add white cranberry juice and white grapefruit juice. Garnish with a sprig of red currants over the side of the glass.

SOURCE Bacardi U.S.A., Inc

Vodka Quote: “I never drink anything stronger than Vodka before breakfast. You can’t trust water: Even a straight stick turns crooked in it.” – W.C. Fields