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Burnett Vodka is produced and stilled in the United States by the manufacturer Heaven Hills. Burnett Vodka is a superior mid-grade vodka is made from strictly fine grains and never distasteful potatoes. In the past two decades, Burnett Vodka has been gradually gaining consumers confidence and patronage. It may not be Smirnoff or Absolut, but it is amicably one of the most exquisite and extravagant vodkas that an American manufacturer has produced by far. It is in the category of mid-grade to superior grade vodkas with a reasonable price tag to match. Distilled through perfect methods, and purified to the means to an end, Burnett Vodka is extraordinary vodka to say the least.

Burnett Vodka based origin of Kentucky stamps an apparent labeling on it as a down-home kind of liquor. However, down-home is not so shabby when it is of this good quality. Burnett Vodka is higher ranked than some average high-grade brands of vodka. This smooth texture vodka is fine with any mixed cocktail or used with vodka shots.

Heavenly Hills produced Burnett Vodka with hopes to bring the United States a vodka that would be close to their hearts. Not too expensive, and filled with a taste and flavor of its own. Burnett silently and strategically is continuing its branding as one of the best tasting vodkas available. It is stirring up quite a bit of controversy and even receiving the responses of other American vodkas stepping up their game.

Here are some of the rave reviews Burnett Vodka is constantly receiving:

  • What a pleasure to sniff
  • Soft and refreshingly sweet
  • Tastes more expensive than the reasonable price
  • Really nice to swish- not even a burn sensation
  • Purified divinity at its best
  • Exceptionally well-suited for drink mixing
  • Terrific for chilled on the rocks type of drinks
  • Luxury vodka for a less extravagant price
  • Quite enjoyable and incredibly unique
  • Burnett vodka is liquid gold

Burnett Vodka brand is living proof, literally that newer brands of innovative vodkas do stand a chance. Time will only improve the quality and flavors of Burnett Vodka. Burnett Vodka is pushing other vodka brands to excel and develop greatness and surpass the standards of vodka manufacturing as we know it today.

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Vodka Quote: Vodka is tasteless going down, but it is memorable coming up. ~ Garrison Keillor