Blavod Black Vodka | Original British Vodka

BLAVOD BLACK VODKA – manufactured in London

Blavod Black Vodka is a superior premium vodka. Blavod Black Vodka is the only black vodka made in the vodka market today. Blavod Black Vodka is exceptional for a person who likes to veer on the darker side of things and an individual who likes to be distinguished and unique. Blavod is manufactured in London, and is an original British vodka. Blavod Black Vodka is derived and made from black catechu, an extract taken from Asian trees known an Uncaria Gambier. This black extract is what gives it a licorice type flavor with a hint of anise, and the black color.

Blavod Black Vodka unique black blend is available in 80 proof which contains about 40% alcohol. It is a neutral grain that is marketed and sold as a premium brand vodka. In studies and taste tests individuals who were blind -folded could not distinguish clear vodka from Blavod Black Vodka. Even though it can stand on it’s own because of it’s rare and dark color, Blavod Black Vodka tastes exquisite and is manufactured by the Blavod Drinks of London. Most vodkas tend to be flavorless, colorless, and odorless. Blavod Black Vodka breaks the monotony and offers the individual a great aroma, unique color, and smooth flavorful taste.

Blavod Black Vodka was first introduced in the market to the United States just recently. Absolut has tried to copy the Blavod vodka’s signature color by producing an Absolut vodka that has a black tint. Blavod is definitely one of the most amazing spirits sold, and the black martini would not be the same without it. Consumers love the dark essence it presents and most Halloween events and parties are centered around the dark oozed spirit.

Here are reviews and remarks that makes Blavod an excellent black vodka:

  • Blavod is worth every penny!
  • Blavod is not only novel, it tastes great.
  • Blavod vodka is surprisingly indifferent than other vodkas with a distinguishing taste.
  • Great for Halloween parties.
  • Extraordinary in a black martini.
  • This vodka is wonderful.
  • Very affordable and great quality.
  • Color is tricky can lead you to believe it does not taste wonderful, but it tastes simply clean and exquisite.

Blavod Black Vodka can be purchased in most liquor stores for about USD 30 dollars per bottle. The Blavod website leaves a bit to be desired, but is no indication for the great taste and very unique color. It has become a novelty and has gained much notoriety. Its amazing taste offers the consumer a flavor that is difficult to duplicate.

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