Best Ways to Drink Vodka | Vodka Traditions

Best Ways to Drink Vodka, Vodka Toasts, and Cultural Traditions

Anyone can decide the best way to drink vodka according to their personal preference. However, there are ways vodka lovers can get the most out of their ‘Vodka Experience’ while embracing tradition, customs and celebrating vodka toasts with friends. Here are a few ways that may end up being your best way to drink vodka:

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Ways to Drink Vodka and Stay Sober

The Russians are accustomed to drinking large amount of vodka without showing a hint of drunken stupor, How do they do this you ask? Russians have unique customs that they follow in order to be able to tolerate bottle after bottle of their prized vodka. Here is what they do before they indulge their vodka cultural traditions:

  • Before drinking they take 2 TBSP of olive oil or sunflower oil.
  • They eat or drink two raw eggs before drinking ( sounds horrific I know)
  • They eat a couple of potatoes. They can be boiled or baked before drinking.
  • Do not mix any other alcoholic beverages while drinking Russian vodka.
  • They do not sip vodka. They do shots.
  • Zakuskis are appetizers that Russians eat while drinking vodka to absorb the alcohol. 
  • Eat acidic foods such as lemons after shots, tomatoes, and pickles.

Believe it or not this is how Russians really drink bottles of vodka and can still stand afterwards. Try it and you will see it works! Ps. always drink responsibly, and never drink and drive.

Best Way to Drink Vodka to Savor its Essence

  • Drink Vodka Cold. The English drink their vodka in chilled glasses straight with lots of ice. The colder the vodka the smoother and sweeter the flavor of it.
  • Sip Your Vodka. Do not chug it in a shot glass if you want to distinguish the variance of flavor within the type of vodka. Flavored vodkas are exquisite to sip.
  • Distinguish What It Is Derived From. Vodkas are made from various ingredients. Take the time to notice if there is a hint of grapes, wheat or rye, corn or soybean, or something sugary like molasses.

Vodka Toasts and Russian Cultural Traditions
Russians have unique customs that they follow by tradition, and when you drink with a Russian it is important to act accordingly or someone could get offended. Here are a few etiquette tips for the best way to drink vodka with a Russian or while visiting the country:

  • Always drink at least three drinks that you are offered. You could be considered prude, unsocial, or unacceptable to their traditions.
  • When you have the bottle in your hand you pour everyone their serving and proceed with a toast.
  • Your toast can be vary, such as well wishing, cheers, thanks, and welcoming. Keep it positive.
  • Drink your serving or shot at the same time everyone else does in unison.
  • Never drink alone!
  • Follow up drinks with Zakuski

What are Russian Zakuski?
Russian zakuski are often translated as appetizers. Zakuski might include tiny sandwiches, dumplings, smoked fish, caviar, cured meats, salads, marinated tomatoes, cheeses, salted cucumbers, everything and anything pickled.

Hopefully these few tips on the best way to drink vodka can help you enjoy your experience wherever you may be.

Vodka Quote: I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me. ~ Winston Churchill