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BELVEDERE VODKA – One of the Best Vodka Brands

Belvedere Vodka has an exquisite taste that makes it one of the most widely purchased brands of vodka. Sales and profits from the manufacturer of the Belvedere Vodka indicate this very fact. More and more people are veering from more traditional brands to Belvedere Vodka.

Belvedere Vodka is a Polish vodka that is derived from rye. It has been around some 600 years and can be traced to its making in Warsaw, although it was not introduced to America until 1996. It is a premium brand that identifies itself as a luxury labeled vodka. Belvedere has joined the flavored vodka revolution and offers three flavors such as orange, citrus, and black cherry. There are two types of Belvedere Vodka available Belvedere IX and Belvedere Intense. It comes in 80 proof and contains 40% alcohol. The best bonus is that it is also additive free.

Belvedere Vodka is sometimes referred to as the preferred brand of snobs, however the price range is fairly reasonable for everyone to experience its extravagant and luxurious taste. A bottle can be purchased for about $40 dollars and up depending on the size desired. The newest of the Belvedere Vodka trends is the launch of a 00 proof vodka. This super luxury vodka has consumers raving in reviews.

Here are reviews of Belvedere Vodka:

  • Quality taste and finish
  • Smooth makes a great martini
  • Great vodka
  • More than an average vodka
  • Nice bottle smooth tasting vodka
  • Non- bitter, easy sipping vodka
  • Too steep of price for a mid-grade vodka
  • Incredibly sweet tasting vodka
  • Has a unique flavor that sets it apart from other brands
  • Love the bottle and perfect in shots
  • Great in any mixed drink
  • Exceptional taste, exceptional price

Most people really take a liking to Belvedere Vodka. With the endorsement of the Bruce Willis- it only shows it is classy vodka that’s refined taste must be appreciated. Belvedere is fairly young in the vodka wars within the United States. It is definitely appealing to the majority of fine vodka admirers far and wide.

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