Absolut Vodka | Swedish Origin


Absolut Vodka is of Swedish origin, however recently (2008) it became owned by a French manufacturer by the name of Pernod Ricard. It is one of the three highest selling vodka brands globally, and triumphs to be one of the best mid-grade brands of vodka sold in the market today. Absolut Vodka can be traced back in origin to the year 1879, however the name created for it by Lars Olsen Smith was Tiodubbelt Renadt Brännvin also defined later as Brannvin the burning wine. It was then altered when vodka became popular to Absolut
Rent Brannvin, then Absolut for short.

Absolut Vodka has released many lines of vodka in the United States. You can find the unique Absolut brand in trendy flavors, different proofs, and even a black colored vodka. Absolut Vodka has been marketed strategically and its sales can contest for this outstanding achievement. Most people say that Absolut Vodka is so pure that you can drink it in excess and never get a hangover because it is so pure. It is affordably priced and competitive in the medium grade vodka market. People have vouched that it tastes better than some of the other premium brands sold with higher price tags.

Absolut Vodka took the vodka industry by storm and quickly gave rise to notoriety for its exquisite flavor and purified taste. For more than a century it reigned as the best vodka by unanimous votes, and prevailed through eras of uncertainties and much competitiveness with other brands. Smith the creator of Absolut Vodka was renowned and termed the “King of Vodka” for much of his life. Today many vodka consumers still select the smooth taste and prefer the affordable spirit over the luxury brands.

Here are some reviews of Absolut Vodka:

  • Absolutely marketing genius
  • High- quality, citrus flavor
  • Smooth, crisp, and clean to drink straight
  • Absolutely heavenly- great chilled, good tasting vodka
  • Promoted too well- extremely excellent vodka
  • Inexpensive, mixes well, and subtle flavor
  • No aftertaste, non-burning, and smooth
  • Model vodka easy to sip
  • Can be strong and potent for some
  • Great in shots and perfect in cocktails
  • Great flavor, great price
  • No hangover, no pungent odor, and no foul aftertaste

The success and popularity of Absolut Vodka is no mystery as to why, however even with the stiff competition in the vodka wars it continues to thrive valiantly by just being what a vodka is supposed to be – smooth, crisp, clean, tasty, textured perfectly, and affordable.

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Vodka Quote: “I never drink anything stronger than Vodka before breakfast. You can’t trust water: Even a straight stick turns crooked in it.” – W.C. Fields